The Delk Band

Solano Starlight Ballroom Celebrating

Harry & Lindit' Hopson's 60th Anniversery

What an evening this was!! We traveled to the Solano Starlight Ballroom/Wagon Mound Ranch Supply
Showroom in Solano, NM (a small village between Roy & Mosquero, New Mexico) to help celebrate
Harry & Lindit' Hopson's 60th wedding anniversary. This facility was actually the old Solano School
Gymnasium that owner, Bob Bachen has preserved and kept alive after all these years. What a historic

Right at 400 people gathered to enjoy the evening. Jack & Jill Chatfield and their crew set up smokers,
a chuck wagon, & dutch ovens to serve a super meal. It was GOOD!!! We played from 7:00 to 10:30 for
that dance. Let me just say, people came to dance!! Words cannot express the beauty of a dance floor
filled with over 50 couples, all waltzing in sync to the "Westphalia Waltz". The dance floor was full all

What a pleasure it was to have Jim Tomlinson and his pedal steel joining us for this special evening. Jim
was recently inducted into the Western Swing Music Hall of Fame. Jim, it's an honor to have you as part
of our crew!!!