The Delk Band

Rankin 50th Anniversary

Dr. Bobby Rankin and his wife Margie celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 4, 2009.  The Delk Band was honored to be asked to take part in this great milestone for the Rankin’s. 

Dr. Rankin joined the staff of the Animal and Range Science Department in the College of Ag and Home Economics at New Mexico State University around 1960 and enjoyed a long and celebrated career in that department.  Dr. Rankin was one of my “Profs” when I was attending NMSU in the mid sixties so I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing the Rankin’s for over 40 years.

Bobby and Margie’s family and many, many friends and colleagues gathered at the Farm and Ranch Museum in Las Cruces to help them celebrate their anniversary.  We wish them many more happy years together and look forward to seeing them at some of our dances in the future.

Joe Delk