The Delk Band

100th Luna County Old Timers’ Reunion

100 years! 2013 marked the Luna County Old Timer's Association Centennial Anniversary. What a special evening it was. Tommy and Delia Perez were honored to serve as Co-Presidents for this memorable occasion. Tommy and Delia commissioned a 20 oz. tumbler with historical images and a list of all the 100 past presidents of the Association and everyone in attendance took one home. They also had 18" wooden windmills made for each centerpiece and the person seated in lucky number "5" chair, took the windmill home.

It's an honor for The Delk Band to be a part of the Luna County Old Timer's Reunions each year and especially the historic event this year. Diane and I were privileged to serve as Co-Presidents in 2010 and will always have a special place in our hearts for Luna County Old Timer's.


Joe Delk