The Delk Band

2012 Easter Men's Breakfast

The 2012 Easter Men’s Breakfast, held annually on the Boone Ranch north of Kenna, NM, set an attendance record for the event. Over 400 men, age 5 to 95 made the trip this year. Hosts Pat Boone and Gary Good said this was the 29th year for the event which was first held in 1983 and started by Pat’s father. This year, a new cross was erected on the hill overlooking the site for the gathering in memory of Pat’s mother and father.

Pat arrived at the site at 2:30 A.M. to build the fire and by 6:00 A.M. there was coffee brewing, pork chops on the grill and men starting to gather. The music for the event was led by Neal Delk with help from his brother Byron, Chek Rippee and Robert Flowers which was actually 2/3 of the original Delk Brothers Band from 1993. The music filled the canyon and even the coyotes were singing. Gary’s message this year encouraged men to be proud to identify with the brand of Jesus Christ just as we are proud of the brands that define our ranches and identify our livestock.

This is only the second of the Easter Men’s Breakfasts that I have had the opportunity to attend and I know I was not the only one who drove 275 miles to be there. The fellowship and brotherly love that flowed from the hearts of the men still brings a tear to my eye. Chek and I had the great honor of ending the service with a twin-fiddle version of “Amazing Grace”. His Grace was truly amazing that beautiful morning.

Joe Delk